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Achievement and School Improvement

Academic 'achievement' is measured by a combination of 'attainment' (the areas of the age-related national curriculum band in which a child is secure) and 'progress' (the measure of improvement a child has made, relative to his/her starting point).

At King's Oak Primary School, levels of attainment and progress have increased over time. Our school improvement priorities are focused on raising standards still further.


The Primary Tables (link below) show validated data for 2016. Within our Local Authority, our children (including those who did not sit the tests due to special educational needs but who are included in our data as not having met the standard) achieved well and made good progress - please click in the link below for more information.

Primary Tables 2016


2017 Achievement Data

Please follow the link below for our latest achievement data for EYFS, Year 1, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

SATs results (unvalidated) 2017 and our end of year statutory assessment results.


Ofsted Reports and Performance Tables

Please follow the links below for additional achievement and school improvement information.