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Each year we have a different focus for World Book Day and have celebrated our favourite books, book characters we would like to be and bedtime stories.  This year we celebrated the magic of poetry!

And what a celebration we had – a competition to become our school’s Champion Poetry Performer during our grand finale - King’s Oak’s got Talent – in front of three judges!

Children practised their class poem during the morning, learning how to modulate their voices and include actions to really captivate their audience, and then performed their poem in front of the judges who each gave their opinion before retiring to deliberate and choose a winner!

Congratulations to Year 3 and Year 4 who won the lower and upper school competitions, respectively!  It was a close call and all groups gave thoroughly imaginative and well-rehearsed performances.

But it was the many comments from children, when asked about how they were feeling during the judges’ deliberations and after the result, which really made the day and showed why all of our children are winners – here is a very small sample!

  • Lewis – 5CS: “Good luck to everyone for joining in with the poem contest.  I hope it goes well and just remember it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun.”
  • Sonny – Blossom: “I really cannot decide what class is going to win.  But I know that every class was successful and I liked every single class.  Everyone should all be very proud for taking part and doing their best.  Also, I loved taking part in the competition.”
  • Natalie – 4HT: “I felt, when we heard that Year 4 was the winner, that it would have been Year 5 or Year 6 but the point is about having a go and not just about winning and also about feeling pride in taking part.”