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Alfie, Ekansh and Won Yeong represented our school (and Kingston!) at the London South West Year 4 Times Tables Tournament at Burntwood School, yesterday, competing against 16 other schools from other London boroughs!

They began with five rounds of a quick recall challenge in which they had to multiply large numbers on two dice in the fastest time; then they designed a maths bingo card, tactically choosing numbers which had several factors so, when the paired factors came up on the screen (shown for only 3 seconds!), they could cross as many numbers as possible off their card; and finally they took part in one, two or three star challenges after solving the magician's puzzle in record time!

We are so proud of our children who, in addition to being really excellent mathematicians and representing us so well at this level, also worked together in a cohesive and supportive team!   Just brilliant!