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Year 5

Ancient Egyptian leisure time

This week we have been learning how the Ancient Egyptians spent their leisure time. There is lots of archeological evidence showing that they loved music, singing and dancing. Paintings on tomb walls depict scenes of wrestling contests and large hunting expeditions. With the Nile running straight through their land they were keen fishers too (they even mummified them for the afterlife). Most interestingly, they were the inventors of lots of different board games. Many different examples have been found in the tombs of the pharaohs, with game boards in the shape of snakes and the heads of gods. We have been learning about the board game Senet. Despite being famous for inventing many things (paper, ink, make-up, wigs and the barbers to name a few) they didn't have dice (these were invented by the Ancient Greeks) so had to use coloured sticks to work out how far each piece could move. We improvised and used lolly pop sticks instead. We are all looking forward to our sports day next week and are hoping to see many of you there.