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Welcome from Cathy Clarke

Welcome to King’s Oak Primary School. I have been Headteacher here for six years and I am so proud of what we are achieving. Ours is a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive school where all children are valued as individuals and their achievements are celebrated. Through creating an exciting and supportive learning environment, we capture children’s interest.........


 Latest News - Photo Galleries
30th March 2017: Our Easter Egg Treasure Hunt!
30th March 2017: Pre-School at Hobbledown Farm!
20th March 2017: Year 6 River Trip!
15th March 2017: Year 5 at the Science Museum!
8th March 2017: Year 5 Rock Climbing!
6th February 2017: Geography Week Homework!
16th December 2016: 5MR Kidzania Trip
20th October 2016: Year 6 Art Gallery
14th October 2016: Kingston Foodbank Assembly
13th October 2016: Marchants Hill - Day 4!
12th October 2016: Marchants Hill - Days 2 and 3!
11th October 2016: Marchants Hill - Day 1!
23rd June: Year 2 salads!
14th April: Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm visit!
14th April: Year 3 Cornwall trip - Day 3!
13th April: Year 3 Cornwall trip - Day 2!
12th April: Year 3 Cornwall trip - Day 1!
11th March: Year 3 Roman Day!
11th March: Year 1 Bocketts Farm visit!
9th March: RMW pizza-making session!
7th March: Year 4 Earthquakes and Volcanoes!
3rd March: WORLD BOOK DAY - Poetry!
26th February: Year 6 River Trip!
22nd January: Year 3 Hinduism Day!
10th and 11th December: Year 5 Roald Dahl Museum!
10th December: Year 3 Golf Adventure!
2nd December: Year 6's WWII Afternoon
10th November 2015: Cross Country Champions!
9th November 2015: Remembrance Day
23rd October 2015:  5TP African music and dance!
20th October 2015: Library art! Look at our tiles!
2nd October 2015: Last Marchants Hill 2015 photos - mud baths and hiking!
2nd October 2015: Year 6 Alternative Activities Week!
1st October 2015: Marchants Hill - day 4 - so many new activities!
30th September 2015: Day 3 - zip wire!!!
29th September 2015: Day 2 at Marchants Hill!
28th September 2015: Day 1 - Year 6-Devil's Punchbowl..... and settling in at Marchants Hill!
4th September 2015: Our amazing learning environment!
27th July 2015: Year 6 Leavers' Party!
26th July 2015: Joseph photos!
24th July 2015: BBC Trip!
16th July 2015: Cornwall day 3!
15th July 2015: Cornwall day 2!
14th July 2015: 3:56 p.m. Cornwall Trip!
26th June 2015: Our sporting teams!
25th June 2015: Aspirations and Ambitions Finale
23rd June 2015: Tiffin Finale preparation

19th June 2015: Paws and Claws - Reception

19th June 2015: Young Readers Scheme Visit
19th June 2015: Goldilocks and the Tea Party!
16th June 2015: Year 6 - London Zoo
12th June 2015: Experiments!
12th June 2015: Year 6 - Snake!
12th June 2015: Year 5 - Flight!
12th June 2015: Year 4 Young Readers Scheme
11th June 2015: Year 6 Nature Collection
10th June 2015: Year 3 Young Readers Scheme
9th June 2015: Science Week and rockets!
8th June 2015: Year 3 Natural History Museum
5th June 2015: Paul Geraghty visit - Careers Week
5th June 2015: 3CB Business Project!
4th June 2015: SATRO 'The Business Game'
4th June 2015: Year 5 Business Project!

3rd June 2015: - Careers Week!

3rd June 2015: Aspirations and Ambitions Project - Tiffin Girls' School

2nd June 2015: Year 4 Oval visit!







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