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Pre School News

How do you feel?

This week we have been focusing on our emotions and how to regulate them.

Guiding children through how to manage their emotions from an early age is hugely beneficial as being able to express how they feel in a healthy way is important to all round emotional development.

Where some children may find self-regulation (managing emotions on their own) fairly easy, others (especially younger children) will find mutual regulation (managing emotions with another person) more helpful.

In Pre School we have been exploring our emotion boards and linking them in with the zones of regulation.  We have introduced the children to a short movement session where they can use the whole of their bodies to form animal movements. (Details for the session are in the photos attached to this article)

Short bursts of exercise such as this are great for increasing dopamine levels which in turn reduce anxiety and the levels of stress hormones in the body which in turn increase the ability to regulate emotions.