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Pre School

The Great Outdoors

This week in Pre School we have thoroughly enjoyed being outside.  Having the opportunity to explore both our outside space and the one in the nursery.   The children have had the opportunity to use new equipment and at the same time continue to develop their physical, cognitive and social skills. 

We have also been able to make discoveries in our outside space following a visit from a rather large earth worm.  The children were mesmerised by its size and were very good at suggesting where we should move it to, so it was safe from getting squashed.  

Eventually we found a nice safe place in the bushes behind our mud kitchen, where we have also been busy re purposing the tyres that divide our parking area and our digging area by turning them into planters for wild flowers to hopefully attract lots of mini beasts to our garden in the summer.  The children really enjoyed turning the soil, adding compost and seeds and then watering them.  Fingers crossed we get some beautiful blooms.