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School Trip

This week the children had a great day out visiting the Polka theatre in Wimbledon to watch ‘Wow Said the Owl’. For many of our children this was their first time visiting a theatre and they really enjoyed the whole experience. We are very proud of the children and how sensibly they behaved throughout the trip especially on the bus. Thank you again  to all our parents and helpers who made this experience possible. Please have a look on Tapestry for more photos. 

In class we have been reading the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?’. The children have been joining in with the repeated lines and even guessing which animal they will see next. They have enjoyed talking about their favourite animals and discussing the colours for example a purple cat and a blue horse. We have also been talking about and exploring seeds/fruits that we might find in autumn. The children all had the opportunity to hold a pine cone and an acorn. We had lots of conversation around this and the children used lots of great describing words including bumpy, scratchy, brown and hard.