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Tiny caterpillar!

A few weeks ago, the children started to notice lots of caterpillars in the garden. We decided to keep one in a net to see what would happen. The children had been checking on it daily and after a few days it appeared to have made a cocoon. On Tuesday, the children had some very exciting news. Our caterpillar pushed his way out of the cocoon and was a beautiful butterfly. They were all very excited and had a great time releasing it back into the garden. 

During the carpet session, the children continued to listen to the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This week we explored a different style of storytelling called helicopter stories, where the children sit in a circle and have a go at pretending to be different characters or objects in the story. The children loved playing the different roles and did a great job reciting the repeated phrases of the story. We were also very impressed with their acting skills and thinking about how they could move their bodies to create different characters. 

Our story next week is: The Little Red Hen 

Number of the week is: Recapping numbers 1-5 with a focus on number formation