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Year 2

Growing in science

In science, this week, Year 2 have been looking at plants. They have learnt about germination, the life cycle of a plant and what a plant needs to grow. After this, they carefully observed a broad bean seed and a bulb, looking at them with a magnifying glass and drawing them in their books. Once they had done that, they had a go at planting a broad bean seed in a sandwich bag. First they got a bag and put some paper towel inside it. Next they stapled across the middle and added their broad bean seed. Finally, they measured and added a pipette of water. The bags were named and hung up to allow them time to grow. We will continue to observe the beans and, add water when necessary. Keep an eye out to see what changes you can see along the way. Once they are big enough we will plant them out, so they can continue to grow big and strong.