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Year 2

Year 2

It has been a very busy week in Year 2. The children have planned and made a mock-up of their design for Miss Piggy's house. They practised making paper stronger, they tried layering and glueing, making flanges, making a slit join and creating corrugation. Next week they will use all the cardboard and packaging you have donated to build their houses. Please continue to donate. 

In computing, the children have been learning about algorithms, and have been programming using software called Scratch. They have created sequences of commands to make their character jump every time the space bar is pressed or walk left, when a certain key is pressed. They have also completed lots of work on keeping safe on the internet, how to ask for help, how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they are not sure of a site or request they receive. 

Please remember to wear odd socks on Monday for Anti-Bullying week and that we are going to the Science Museum next Friday for our school trip. 

Any questions, please ask.