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Year 2

Such a busy week!

In music this week, the children enjoyed playing on glockenspiels. They learnt a song called Zootime by Joanna Mangona. The children took it in turns to play the notes C and D while singing along to the lyrics. As well as singing, the children have been looking at pitch, rhythm and pulse. 

In maths, children have been revisiting addition and subtraction when using multiples of 10 and one digit numbers. 

During English lessons, the children have been practising their acting skills, hot seating characters from Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, and role-playing scenes where Jack meets the different characters in the story. 

Our PSHE lessons have focussed on how adults earn money, exploring the difference between needs and wants and this week, we looked at bank accounts and cards.

In history, we have continued our learning about Christopher Columbus, his motivation for travel and discovery, and whether he was a villain or a hero.

Our art lessons have focussed on still life drawing using pastels. We looked at techniques like scrimbling, blending, graffito, and using light or heavy pressure. 

Please do not forget it is our visit to the London Wetlands Centre on Fri 15th March.