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Year 2

DT, maths and more...

This week in maths, the children have been recapping their knowledge of addition and subtraction, learning to use the inverse to check their answers. They have shown perseverance while taking on the concept. 

We have been enjoying our new book in English, The Jolly Roger by Colin McNaughton. The children have been writing sentences to describe the pirates using verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Some have even played around with the placement of the grammatical elements, in order to make their sentences even better. 

The children designed and made fruit kebabs in DT, taste testing black, red and green fruit and then creating their kebab to match their drawn plan. 

In science, the children have continued to learn about animals and what they need to survive. 

In PE, we are continuing to learn our dances for the Country Dancing Festival in the second half of the summer term. 

The children have been enjoying learning more about coding in computing. They are using 2Animate and Scratch.