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Year 2

Country dancing, maths, art , geography and English

It has certainly been a busy couple of weeks in Year 2. 

Country dancing was amazing last Tuesday, despite the soaring temperature. The children performed flawlessly in the 5 dances, and we even managed to persuade some of the parents/carers to join in and perform the Circassian Circle with us in the finale. Well done everyone!

Over the last two weeks have been revisiting time, to the hour, half hour, 15 minutes and 5 minutes. The children are working hard to understand time to the 5 min, but could use your support at home to really consolidate this. 

In English, we have continued our learning about the Enormous Crocodile. We have drawn a story map, and we have been discussing, acting out and writing about all 4 of his clever tricks and how the tricks were foiled at the last minute by all the other animals. 

During our art lessons we have continued our series of block printing lessons and have added raised sections to our polystyrene tiles to add relief. This week we used a contrasting colour to highlight the additions, making the prints more striking. 

In geography this week, we went on two local field trips to the local parks. The children enjoyed exploring the areas and finding out what they had to offer the local community.