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Year 5

Hampton Court Palace

This week in Year 5, we were all extremely excited to go on our first trip of the year, to Hampton Court Palace, the home of the Tudor King, King Henry VIII. We explored many parts of the palace including the kitchen, Henry's apartments, the idyllic, picturesque gardens and some Georgian rooms. Through our explorations we learnt about the foods that were consumed by the Tudors, we learnt they enjoyed eating a variety of meats including beef, venison and chicken with some roasted vegetables. We explored the cooking areas and dining rooms where Henry's staff would spend their time during lunch and dinner. The Tudors were also great fans of wine, we found out they dedicated a whole cellar to numerous barrels of wine. 

The Great Hall, was a magnificent room decorated with the finest gold and silver tapestries, beautiful stained-glass windows showcasing the art work dedicated to Henry and his wives. We also found out that Henry had a carving of his and Anne Boleyn's initials within the Great Hall to demonstrate a dedication and appreciation of his love to her. We were also excited to see the privy closet where Henry married his last and sixth wife, Katherine Parr and we were amazed to see Henry's recreated crown showcased in the chapel.

Furthermore, we enjoyed seeing the portraits of Henry and his family members decorated throughout the palace as well as other interesting rooms such as the council chambers where interesting and important decisions were made as well as a variety of other chambers. Overall, we had a fantastic, out of class experience where we consolidated our learning of the Tudors and even learnt more!