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Year 5

Tudor biscuits

This week in DT, we were all busy making Tudor biscuits. We learnt that the Tudors did not have access to many ingredients as we do today, however they still enjoyed a sweet treat occasionally. We explored a range of flavours the Tudors enjoyed such as cinnamon, mace, mixed spice and honey and the style of biscuits they would shape. The Tudors enjoyed a variation of biscuits shaped as the Celtic knots, double knots, swirl, twist and even biscuits shaped as the infinity sign!

We planned how we were going to create our biscuits as we carefully decided on the  ingredients, shape, flavour, colour and wrote precise instructions on how to create our chosen shapes. During our lesson we carefully measured all the ingredients using the scale and spoons, kneaded the dough, and then we all created our own shapes before putting them into the oven to make it a delicious, golden brown colour. After this, we evaluated our learning and explored the taste, look, texture of the biscuit and whether we created them as we planned. We identified what went well in our final product and the improvement we would make next time.

Some of us enjoyed our Tudor biscuits very much, however some of us also preferred the biscuits we eat at home!