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Year 5

Science Museum

This week in Year 5, we went to the Science Museum! We visited the Science Museum as part of our Earth and Space topic in Science. We explored many features in the museum, such as our Solar System, instruments (Hubble space telescope), rockets and missions sent to space and Mars. We learnt the first British astronaut was Helen Sharman, we saw her actual spacesuit and living in space is extremely different to Earth - did you know astronauts float as there is no gravity in space? They even float when they are sleeping, and they wear space nappies instead of going to the toilet. The food and drinks astronauts consumed were not very different to us on Earth as they had cereals, macaroni cheese and even some Coca-Cola!

Our favourite part of the trip was seeing a glimmering sample of the moon's surface, displayed in a tight and secure box filled with nitrogen, which was bought to Earth by the Apollo astronauts between 1969 and 1972.  Overall, we had a fantastic, out of the classroom experience, and we are even more excited to continue learning about space!