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Year 5

RE: Islam

This week, we have been focusing on what helps Muslims through their journey in life. We have learnt that Muslim's follow the five pillars of Islam. The pillars are the structures that hold Muslims to practice their faith. We learnt the five pillars: Shahada ( the creed,)  Salah ( the 5 daily prayers,) Sawm ( fasting during the month of Ramadan, from before sunrise to sunset,) Zakat ( giving 2.5% of your wealth to charity once a year) and Hajj (a pilgrimage, done once in a life-time.)

We also learnt there are values that link with the five pillars which are, commitment to faith, worship, self-control, generosity and solidarity. We were also fortunate to get a wider insight of the daily lives of Muslims, as some of our Muslim peers contributed their knowledge on the way they practice Islam in their lives.