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Year 5

Indoor climbing at White Spider.

Today we visited White Spider, we were all very determined and took risks. We all participated in indoor climbing to understand the difficulties and complexities of mountain climbing, to gain a secure understanding of what mountaineers experience. When we arrived, we went through all the safety procedures, we were harnessed up and had our helmets on, ready to climb!

We had great fun having a go, challenging ourselves and taking risks! Some of us, overcame our fears of heights when we climbed up and made our way down. Each time we climbed many of us pushed ourselves further by going up higher. We were given helpful tips by the instructors whilst climbing as they advised us not to look down, lean back and keep our legs straight on our way down. We were all glad to be challenged, and we concluded that some of us loved the trip, whereas, others decided that rock climbing was definitely not an activity we would try again.