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Year 5

Argument and drama

This week in Year 5, we have been reading through Secrets of the Sun King and we find out that Lil has gone to Egypt, however her father does not know. In our English lessons we have been focusing on dialogue and how to punctuate speech as we will be writing an argumentative conversation between Lil's parents.

To support us with our writing, we engaged in drama, where we worked in pairs to reenact the scene. During the drama session, we practised and watched a few reenactments to see what went well and identify any improvements. We understood that in a drama you need to engage the audience though actions, expressions and tone of voice.  We all made sure we showed the audience that Lil's parents were angry and nervous through our acting.

The drama will support our learning for next week as we will begin to write a narrative of the argument with dialogue.