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Year 5

Equivalent decimals and portraits!

This week in Year 5, we have been expanding our knowledge on decimals and making the link between tenths and hundredths. We have used a range of methods to help us with our problem-solving, especially using dienes. We explored and consolidated our understanding that 10 hundredths is equivalent to 1 tenth. Using this knowledge we have made links across a range of decimals.

Additionally, in art, we have practised drawing faint and heavy lines and developed our understanding that this movement comes from the upper arm, from the shoulder to elbow. This prepared us to draw a face in proportion. We understood and demonstrated that the features of a face needs to be in the right places, such as the eyes towards the top of the face, the lips towards the bottom and the nose in the middle. Using faint lines also allowed us to erase any mistakes along the way and improve our drawings.