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Year 6

Science, English and Anti-Bullying!

In Year 6 this week we have investigated and proved the scientific statement: Light travels in straight lines. Using a variety of materials including mirrors, hose pipes, paper and torches. We designed, predicted and conducted mini experiments. One of the ways in which we demonstrated that light travels in a straight line was by shining a torch through a piece of hose pipe which was straightened. We then manipulated the shape of the pipe and found that the light no longer shone through.  

In English, we have started to plan and draft an anti-bullying leaflet which will be used at school to inform other children about what bullying is, the types and how to respond. We have analysed existing leaflets and suggested improvements before planning our own. The best will be used as a school wide informative leaflet. 

Remember to wear odd socks on Monday in support of anti-bullying week.