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Year 6


In non-core this week we have covered PSHE, RE, art and geography. In PSHE, we explored how to break down our goals into manageable steps in order to achieve. We self-evaluated our strengths and identified any areas that we need to develop further to achieve our goals. In geography, we continued our topic of climate change by researching positive news stories about carbon footprints and have begun to think about the ways in which we all can minimise our carbon footprint. Next week, we will be applying this knowledge to a persuasive letter. 

In RE, we have explored why Christians believe that Jesus’ death was a sacrifice by looking and discussing the stations of the cross. In art, we have been developing our critical evaluation skills by comparing nature art produced by a wide range of artists. We have considered the environmental impact of the art, the mood it creates as well as any similarities or differences it has to the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Over the next few weeks, we will be planning and producing a range of artworks based on nature art by Andy Goldsworthy including a photograph, a sculpture and a collage.