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Year 6

Science and geography

Welcome back, it has been a very busy week. In geography this week we have explored the importance of fair trade: what it is and how it affects different people working in the banana industry (workers, plantation owner, shipper, shops/supermarkets and importer/ripener). As part of this, we worked in groups to read different scenarios and were assigned one of the roles from the industry. Using our empathy, we then took part in a debate to who should get the most money for their contribution per banana sold. 

In science, we have learnt about the three main parts of the circulatory system focusing on the role of the human heart. We applied our knowledge to write a job description for a heart using the following headings to structure our writing: location of the organ, relationships, purpose, main duties and any other facts.

Next week, some of us will be going to Thames Young Mariners. All children need to be at school at the normal time and those going on the trip should go to the new hall with their bags to be registered and drop off any medication. If your child is not going on the trip, please go to 6TW.