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Year 6

Science- the importance of a balanced lifestyle 

This week in science we have explored the impact our lifestyle has on the ways bodies function by discussing diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. We analysed a range of sample diets discussing the strengths and ways to improve each by applying our prior knowledge of the eat well plate. Then, we collaboratively planned and shared ideas for a television advertisement to promote healthy lifestyles and choices. We decided on our target audience (either children between the ages of 3-7, 8-11, teenagers or parents) before storyboarding potential ideas.  

Using our working scientifically skills, we took readings for our heart rate five times and then calculated the average. After this, we tallied the results in a chart before constructing bar charts of our results. This allowed us to see the range of resting heart rates within the class as well as the most frequent heart rate and the least frequent.