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Year 6


Wow, what a week it has been! We have enjoyed performing our leaver’s production as well as participating in sports day. 

This week in computing, we have been applying all of our coding skills to create a virtual fireworks display. As part of this we have considered the background and colours needed to make the display effective. We have used drawing software to produce our own sprites making sure that we used complimentary colours. After we had made the background, we used coding tabs to make the firework sprites appear and disappear when the mouse was clicked. We then set our display to music and used the wait and hide coding tabs to create an automatic display. Using a loop, we then ensured that our fireworks exploded continuously. Once we had a secure understanding of how to position and make the sprite appear and disappear, we duplicated the firework to make an effective display as well as adding a rocket to make it more realistic.