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Year 6

World War 2 day 

What a busy and exciting week it has been in year 6! On Tuesday, we had World War 2 day where we dressed up and had a workshop on different aspects of life during the war such as: gas masks, first aid, propaganda posters, rationing and weapons. As part of this, we used first aid instruction manuals from the era to bandage different injuries and trained in how to carry a stretcher with a casualty on it. Working in groups, we discussed a range of propaganda posters and had a go at designing our own to persuade others to join in with the war effort. We got to see real life gas masks and tried on a Belgian version to see how it felt. During the afternoon, we explored what life was like for the soldiers and handled some replica weapons as well as taking part in training drills which would have been used in the fitness section of the soldier training.