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Year 6

History, art and English!

This week in topic, we have been focusing on Winston Churchill; who he was and his involvement in the second world war. As part of this, we applied our learning habit of working collaboratively to research and create a short fact file about Winston Churchill. When completing this task, we had to consider the accuracy, validity and reliability of sources. In art, we have begun to explore the events of the battle of Dunkirk in preparation for our water colour paintings. 


In English, we have started to explore the features and format of informal letters and compare these to formal letters. We then applied this knowledge to our own letters, imagining we were Joseph (from the Silver Sword) writing to the kind couple who looked after him. In grammar, we have been focusing on identifying the subordinate clause as well as using appropriate conjunctions to join our ideas. Our spelling focus for this week was suffixes, particularly ‘al’, ‘ence’ and ‘ing’.