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Year 6


In science, we have been investigating how light travels in straight lines by conducting a series of experiments. In the first experiment, we made small holes in the middle of three pieces of card and stuck them in a line onto the table using blue tac. We then used a torch to shine light through and observed what happened if we didn’t align the holes. For the second experiment, we used a mirror and a torch to shine light on a target that was not directly in front of us and found that the light rays reflected off the mirror at the angle we positioned the mirror at. For the final experiment, we used parts of a hose pipe to shine line through. Then we bent the pipe and observed what happened. We recorded our observations using sentences and labelled diagrams, making sure we used the correct scientific vocabulary. 

Developing our understanding further, we have learnt the parts of the human eye and its functions. We demonstrated this knowledge through some detailed scientific diagrams as well as short captions.