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Year 6

Primary Engineers

As part of our Primary Engineers Project, over the past two weeks we have learnt all about lighthouses: their functions, locations in the UK and how concave and convex lenses work. We have applied our mathematical knowledge to identify features and properties of 3D shapes when working within a team to identify and construct nets based on various criteria. We have applied our reading skills when learning how to improve the strength of structures as well as learning about common architectural features such as arches and balconies and how they can affect a building’s sturdiness.  Using our geographical skills of map reading and plotting, we identified counties in the UK and then plotted the location of lighthouses. The end product of our project will be a small model lighthouse with a working switch and light. So far, we have prepared all of our resources by sawing balsa wood to exact measurements and drawing and cutting out different types of triangle. After preparing our resources, we used glue and triangles of card to construct two A-frames which we glued together. We are currently in the process of decorating our lighthouses and then will be working in small groups to construct simple circuits.