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Year 6

New year, new topics.

This week in Year 6 we have begun new topics in all of our subjects. In English and guided reading we have begun to read ‘The Sleeper And The Spindle’ by Neil Gaiman. We have discussed the characters of the three dwarfs and have imagined what they could speak about and how they might interact with each other. In science, we have reflected on our knowledge of living things and their habitats before applying new knowledge to begin to classify plants according to their features. In computing, we have begun our ‘big data’ unit and have learnt all about the purpose of barcodes and QR codes and the benefits and limitations of each. In art, we have looked at nature art and have worked in pairs to evaluate an artist’s work. In topic, we have shared our current knowledge about climate change. In PE, we have started to build core muscles needed to perform a range of gymnastic techniques including handstands and cartwheels. In PSHE, we have explored  how to use mindfulness to manage emotions by taking part in a range of different ways to relax including breathing exercises and stretches and have discussed the importance of taking time to relax each day. We have considered what makes us relaxed and have provided suggestions to others. Some of the stretches we tried are above so that you can use them at home as well.