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Year 6


In English this week, we have focused on the characters of the dwarfs. We have used our inference and retrieval skills to build each dwarf’s personality. Following this, we imagined what each dwarf’s voice would sound like, their mannerisms and facial expressions. In preparation for our narrative, we then revisited direct and reported speech as well as how to use speech punctuation accurately and effectively. 

Next week we will be covering the following: 

  • English - writing a short narrative using dialogue to move on action  

  • Science - identifying differences and similarities between groups within the plant kingdom  

  • PE - Netball - passing and receiving, Gymnastics - performing a cartwheel 

  • Topic- identifying natural and human causes of climate change 

  • Computing - Identify how RFID can be used to transmit data, how encoding keeps data safe and using formulas in cells within a spreadsheet 

  • PSHE - planning for a healthy lifestyle