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Year 6

English and Science 

In English this week, we have written short pieces of narrative based on The Sleeper And The Spindle. We have carefully selected vocabulary, figurative language and punctuation to create atmosphere, describe the setting and establish a character’s personality. In order to move our narrative along, we have included dialogue ensuring that we use synonyms for said and include a character’s reactions, mood or action in the reported clause. 

In science, we have used our scientific skills of observation and classification to describe features of living things before classifying them according to their animal kingdom group. We looked at unusual creatures from around the world including platypus, naked mole rats, dugong, living stones and venus flytraps and then used clues to infer their category, e.g. mammal. 

Next week we are going to analyse and present our data from a traffic survey, explore the different types of bacteria and begin to plan a flood-proof home.