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Year 6


This week in English, we have explored how characteristics are shown in stories, exploring the qualities and skills of heroes. We have learnt about where, how and why we use bullet points and the effect they have on the reader. From this, we have identified the features of a job description, and we have mind mapped our ideas for a job description for a hero to help the other characters in the story. When mind mapping, we created branches for the following headings; job title and location, about the employer, main duties, reporting to, main responsibilities, skills and personal qualities. 

As part of children’s mental health week and safer internet day, in PSHE, we have revisited how to use mindfulness to manage emotions as well as learning about the impact of technology on health, including age-restrictions and social media. 

After half-term: 

  • In DT, we will be costing our flood-proof home designs, 

  • In computing, we will be analysing and interpreting data from spreadsheets, 

  • In science, we will be starting our new learning about evolution and inheritance, 

  • In PE, we will be thinking tactically about defending and attacking in netball. In gymnastics, we will be performing different ways to start and end cartwheels.