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Year 6

Computing and English 

In English this week,  we have recorded our radio broadcasts in pairs. We have started to examine The Graveyard Book closely using evidence from the text to create a character profile. From this, we are beginning to plan and write a short narrative giving a character from the story a backstory involving witches. 

As part of our computing topic we have learnt all about the history of computers. We have researched and distilled information about a range of computers including the Colossus, Apple Macintosh and IBM PC. Using this information, we then used an online programme to create an infographic timeline targeted at informing Year 5 pupils about the main developments in computers across the decades. 

Next week we will be; 

  • Watching the Polka Theatre’s version of Romeo and Juliet

  • Converting decimals, fractions and percentages 

  • Examining how animals and plants have evolved to survive in harsh climates