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Year 6


Welcome back, it is a busy term in Year 6. This week, in maths, reading and English we have begun to revise key concepts in preparation for the SATs. In science, we have looked at fossils and the evolution of the horse. We have discussed the key adaptations of the horse and why the species had to evolve or face extinction. In design technology, we have completed the construction of our flood-proof homes. 

In English, we have written a narrative telling the backstory of one of the main characters from The Graveyard Book. We have used figurative language, a range of punctuation and fronted adverbials to appeal to the reader. On Thursday, we enjoyed reading these stories to Year 3, using intonation and expression to engage the listener. 

Next week we will be: 

  • Starting quick cricket in PE

  • Beginning to explore non-chronological reports in English 

  • Using and designing a cladogram in science