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Year 6

English and computing 

This week in English we have considered layout and presentation when writing up our final leaflets on ‘the art of haunting’. We have added pictures, bullet points and diagrams to our leaflets to make them appealing to our audience as well as adding to the overall meaning. 

In guided reading, we have finished reading The Graveyard Book and have begun to read ‘The Hunger Games’.  We have explored what each district is responsible for and their roles in the setting of Panem. As the book is written in the first person, we have started to build up a character profile for the narrator (Katniss Everdeen). 

In computing, we have begun to tinker with Google Sites in order to begin to understand how a website is constructed and how software such as this can be used to advertise a range of products and services appealing directly to the target audience. Making links to validity of websites, in PSHE we have examined the concept of fake news and how this can spread in a variety of ways as well as thinking about how we can identify it.