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Year 6

WW2 Workshops

This week, we have been immersing ourselves in our topic of WW2 through a series of workshops. We have applied our learning habits of collaboration, making links, perseverance and questioning to successfully complete a range of WW2 themed tasks. Working in small groups, we have learnt and administered basic first aid like medics would have. We have explored the power of propaganda and applied this to designing our own posters in the style of the ‘loose lips sink ships’ campaign. 

Continuing our WW2 theme in English, we have independently written a diary entry from the perspective of Edek, applying our next steps and targets into our final drafts. Eager to read more, we have finished reading the Silver Sword ready for exploring WW2 poems and non-chronological reports.  

Remember to continue to work on the World War 2 projects as they are due at the end of this month - be as creative as you can with presentation whether it be baking, drawing, constructing or making a PowerPoint.  We can’t wait to see the variety of projects.