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Blossom ASC Provision

King’s Oak Primary school has a Specialist Resource Provision (Blossom) for Children with identified Social Communication Needs, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders who fall within the category of mild to moderate learning needs. The SRP is for pupils whose primary needs are communication and interaction. There is one Key Stage One Class (Blossom Blue) and two Key Stage Two classes (Blossom Red and Green), and every child in the provision belongs to one of the mainstream classes where they access all of their non-core learning such as P.E., R.E., computing, history, geography and science. The provision caters for a total of 31 children - 4 Nursery Assessment Places, 9 Key Stage One spaces, and 18 Key Stage Two spaces. Places are allocated by the Local Authority – Achieving for Children.

Blossom offers high quality teaching through an on-site placement with access to specialist intervention from specialist teaching staff and in class support to access educational and social opportunities. The objective of Blossom is to enable pupils to make progress in their learning, speech, language and communication and social skills in an inclusive environment and to reduce any anxieties and inappropriate behaviour. Blossom offers support systems to parents of pupils in the SRP. Pupils in the SRP receive additional support from specialist staff throughout their school day depending on their level of needs. This comes in the form of one to one intervention, small group targeted activities, the use of visuals and a low arousal setting among many other strategies. The pupils in the SRP have access to a Speech and Language Therapist and Assistant, and an Occupational Therapist and Assistant who work closely with the children and the whole SRP teaching team. O.T. and SALT is integrated throughout the children’s whole school day. All learning is personalised to meet each individual need whilst accessing mainstream education.

If you would like any further information about Blossom then please contact Olivia Miller (KS2 Blossom Lead) or Jo Challis (KS1 Blossom Lead) -