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At King’s Oak, we are more aware than ever before of how our pupils and community are living in a digital world. We want our pupils to be well prepared for this world, the importance of technology in it and to compete in society on equal terms. We want our pupils to be inspired by the possibilities of technology and by the incredible people who have developed technology in the last two centuries. We believe our pupils will be in awe and wonder of the internet and fully understand the dangers and how to stay safe. As well as our pupils, we believe our community also needs to be prepared and well equipped for this digital world and we support and train where we can, to enable proficiency in teaching and learning of computing and its skills.

During their time at King’s Oak, children will learn the basic principles and processes of computer science such as how to write algorithms, create and program simulations. The children have access to a wide range of chosen resources, through cross curricular activities, to support the knowledge and skills needed to be digitally literate and understand the need to use technology safely and responsibly. Alongside this, the children will be taught how to use technology effectively to analyse, evaluate and present data on a range of programmes and devices. Children will also be encouraged to recognise the opportunities that computing can offer for communication and collaboration as well as how it has changed lives and introduced us to important figures that have brought about technological change over the last two centuries