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With an extremely diverse population in attendance and well over 30 different languages spoken at King’s Oak Primary School, geography is at the heart of all that we do.

Our pupils are given the opportunity to investigate the world in which they live in an imaginative and explorative way that uses literature and themes around topics to open the gates to their geographical learning journey. In this respect, our pupils experience the life and culture of the polar regions, the Himalayas, Central America, Northern and Southern Europe, The United Kingdom and its urban, rural and coastal regions through the eyes of fictional and historical characters.

From the very youngest, our pupils are taught to use geographical skills on how to identify places on a map and globe. They are encouraged to ask geographical questions whilst developing key vocabulary and to verbalise their ideas using language in a coherent way.

As our pupils progress, their geographical skills, knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of more complex global issues are ever more apparent as they begin to explore conservation, biomines and bigger concepts that are affecting world today.

Pupils leave King’s Oak Primary School knowing that the world is theirs to look after and that it is there for them to hopefully one day visit.