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History is a real strength at King’s Oak. Our curriculum clearly recognises the importance of history, both as a discrete subject taught in termly units and strongly supported by the texts used in English and in Guided Reading. It seeks to inspire the interest and curiosity of all our pupils in the process of finding out about the past. With a clear progression of skills, it serves to develop our pupils in critical thinking, comparing different historical sources and viewpoints, observing changes over time and understanding causes and effects. Above all, it encourages them to ask thoughtful and perceptive questions about the past. Our progression of knowledge, underpinned by a strong understanding of chronology, seeks to give our pupils a clear understanding of how and why things have come to be as they are - from the Stone Age to the Second World War, on a local, national and a global level. It also serves to give them a strong sense of their own identity within our diverse community. History is taught through a variety of approaches, always emphasising a critical and thoughtful approach to the subject.