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Our vision for music at King’s Oak is that all children are exposed to different styles of music. They need to be exposed to music of different cultures as well as styles.

We want children to understand and use technical vocabulary in music lessons. It is important to us that teachers have a strong subject knowledge around the vocabulary they need to teach.

We want children to appreciate music. We want them to be able to identify different genres, styles and periods of musical history.

In our music lessons, we want children to be able to critically analyse pieces of music and understand that they may have a preference towards a certain type of genre.

Every child at King’s Oak needs to have the opportunity to experience a live musical performance and have the chance to take part in musical performances every academic year.

We want to keep expanding the opportunities children have beyond the curriculum through 1:1 tuition, choirs, orchestras and external workshops. We want every child to enjoy music lessons and look forward to them.