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Our responsibilities

Governor Governing Body (GB) Area of Responsibility Other
Clive Douglas Performance Management, Safeguarding Chair of GB
Angela Patel Maths, Diversity and Single Equality Vice Chair & Chair TLC Committee
Joanna Gautam Finance including Sports Grant, Performance Management Chair of the Pay Committee
Jennifer Greenfield History/Geography/RE  
Peter Elliott-Smith Health and Safety Chair of P&R Committee
Kristina Jackets Literacy and Phonics  
Joseline Porter SEND  
Harry Atkinson Pupil Premium Grant/LAC/PLAC; Safeguarding  
Anthony Spiro Finance  
Brenda Baker Early Years, Marketing, Parent engagement Chair of Marketing Working Party
Glenn Jackson PE/Healthy Living  
Ian Hutchings Oversees teaching and learning, assessment, resources, safeguarding, safer recruitment, staff liaison Headteacher
Luiz Simpson ICT curriculum/equipment; GDPR  
Diyan Gunasekera Science and DT  
Anne Jones Website, policies, survey