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Our responsibilities

Governor Governing Body (GB) Area of Responsibility Other
Clive Douglas PPG/LAC/PLAC, Performance Management Co-Chair of GB
Angela Patel Maths, Diversity and Single Equality Co-Chair of GB and Chair TLC Committee
Sarah Jessop Literacy & Phonics, Wellbeing, Performance Management  
Luiz Simpson ICT curriculum/equipment, GDPR Chair of P&R Committee
Jennifer Greenfield Literacy and Phonics (temporary) Safeguarding  
Peter Elliott-Smith Health and Safety  
Brenda Baker Early Years, Marketing, Parent engagement Chair of Marketing Working Party
Glenn Jackson To be decided  
Ian Hutchings Oversees teaching and learning, assessment, resources, safeguarding, safer recruitment, staff liaison Headteacher
Lucy Mozo Behaviour, Healthy living, Staff liaison  
Joanna Gautam* Finance, Performance Management  
Anne Jones (Clerk) Website, policies, survey  

* Associate member