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Pre School

Pre School is lots of fun! Our two year olds have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of first-hand, practical experiences, enabling them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. They are surrounded by expert adults that are waiting eagerly for 'teachable moments'.  Speech and language is at the foundation of all our interactions. Adults will recast, model and narrate play as well as language which support the development of our two year olds.

The children in our Pre School often lead the learning and a key focus is enabling children to become more confident and independent learners. We prioritise children's engagement in activities and follow  the children's interests as this is when learning takes place. Experiences such as cooking, singing, PE snack time and storytime take place on a weekly basis.  

At Pre School we value parental engagement, we offer opportunities for parents to join their children for part of their session and build strong relationships with key workers in order to ensure children are becoming motivated and ambitious learners. We meet with parents to discuss and share the two year old check so we are able to work on the same things at preschool and at home.