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Vision Statement

Our school is at the heart of our community! We are proud of our vibrant, caring and welcoming environment in which children love to learn, staff love to teach and where the support of our families and wider community is integral to success!

Learning is a life long process and with that conviction we know that our school is a learning community. We believe that through learning together we meet the very high expectations that we have, of ourselves and of each and every one of our pupils.

We highly value our cultural, social and religious diversity and believe that, through promoting understanding and appreciation, we create an atmosphere of shared identity, ownership and belonging, underpinned by strong moral values, trust and respect. We aim to ensure that every member of our community feels welcomed into our school, that you, as parents and carers, feel fully involved and that your child is excited and enthusiastic about coming to our school each day to learn.

We believe that partnership working is fundamental to each and every child’s success. We aim to support and inspire our pupils and you, as parents and carers, to be ambitious for their futures and appreciate the importance of learning to secure fulfilment in life. We seek to engage parents and carers in all aspects of our school’s provision, building strong home-school relationships and mutual trust, through encouraging and supporting participation in school activities such as parents’ evenings, workshops and events. King’s Oak Primary is your school, too!

Excellent learning and teaching is embedded in all we do. It is our core business and extends beyond the school day to a variety of extra-curricular activities. We aim to provide a rich and exciting curriculum together with maximum, high quality opportunities for our pupils so that all children make excellent academic and personal progress, fulfil their potential, build upon their strengths and are well equipped and motivated to embrace new, fresh challenges.

Inclusion is central to our ethos and we welcome all children into our school. We ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities to be successful through offering personalised provision, meeting each individual need and nurturing each talent and skill.

We believe in educating the ‘whole child’, promoting positive relationships and emotional wellbeing. Alongside academic achievement we also ensure that all of our pupils learn the skills and build the confidence, self assurance and motivation to be able to develop as independent, resourceful learners who will collaborate with others to go on learning, throughout their education and life. We place high importance on PSCHE (Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education) so that each child builds on the emotional, social and personal skills needed to maximise learning opportunities and to become rounded and skilled citizens.

We are renowned for being a ‘community school’ and welcome the skills and contributions of children, parents, carers, staff, governors and our wider community which are shared for the benefit of all. We believe that, through working in partnership with our pupils, their families and our wider community, we are learning together, achieving together and giving our pupils the best possible foundations for their future success.