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Year 3

Year 3 is full of fantastic learning opportunities! From a vibrant English curriculum full of rich and varied texts to exploring the local woodland during our forest school sessions the learning is varied and high quality.

The English curriculum is anchored on key texts that inspire and inform our writing and reading comprehension. From literary classics such as Stig of the Dump to modern marvels like How to train your dragon the texts we use are specifically chosen to challenge our children and provide them with a great model of the English language.

The texts we use are also linked to the topics studied throughout the academic year. In the Autumn term, the topic is history focused and looks at life in the stone age. This includes the opportunity to travel back in time with a visit to Butser ancient farm to deepen the children’s understanding of what life was like for early humans. In the Spring term we move forward in time and look at the effects of the people that have settled and invaded what we now know as the UK. This focuses specifically on the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings. 

Year 3 is also the time children benefit from accessing the forest school curriculum with at least 9 sessions in local, ancient woodland, led by a forest school qualified practitioner throughout all four seasons of the year. This provides the chance to learn how to use simple tools, fire lighting skills and of course den building and tree climbing. All of these experiences serve to boost children’s sense of well being and confidence that improve their learning outcomes across the wider curriculum.