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Year 4

Year 4 is a very exciting year at King’s Oak due to the fascinating topics that we learn about in our curriculum. In the Autumn term, our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic creates lots of opportunities for our children to learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters that affect the Earth. This links in with the texts we study in English and Guided Reading lessons about the Pompeii eruption and the story of Tranio and Livia. We go on an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum in London, where the children are able to experience an earthquake workshop and discuss their findings with museum experts.

In the Spring term, we begin to look at ‘The Victorians’ and compare our lives today to those of Victorian children. We also attend Victorian school workshops to enable us to better understand what being a school child in the Victorian era would have been like and how it differed to our lives today. During this topic, we also develop our cooking skills by learning how to prepare a Victorian vegetable broth with ingredients that the Victorians would have had access to. 

During the summer term, our last topic of ‘Ancient Greece’ allows for a creative learning experience where we learn about Greek mythology and even craft our own Greek inspired pottery. 
Our curriculum has a child centred focus, meaning that the children here benefit from a nurturing environment which caters to all individual needs. As we are a diverse school, we also offer a diverse curriculum and learn about other people's cultures and faiths. In the summer term, Year 4 also visit a local mosque which links to our learning about Islam.
Year 4 children at our school are offered many sporting opportunities with our indoor and outdoor PE sessions. This  involves a range of activities that all the children participate in- developing their skills and techniques. In the summer term, children in Year 4 are offered swimming lessons at our local swimming centre in order to develop a wider range of skills to prepare them for life beyond King’s Oak.