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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can include a wide range of behaviours and may be a single incident or a pattern of incidents. That abuse can be, but is not limited to, psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional, and includes coercive or controlling behaviour. It can take place inside and outside the home. The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 states that children can be victims of domestic abuse. They may see, hear, or experience the effects of abuse at home and/or suffer domestic abuse in their own intimate relationships (teenage relationship abuse). 

These experiences can have a serious and long-term impact on a child’s health, well-being, development and ability to learn. In some cases, a child may blame themselves for the abuse or may have had to leave the family home as a result. The Act states that domestic abuse occurs between at least two people over the age of 16. Therefore, legally, some older children can also commit domestic abuse either in their own intimate relationships or against their parents/carers. 

King's Oak Primary School has signed up to the police initiative Operation Encompass, a system which ensures that when police are called to an incident of domestic abuse and a child/children in the household experienced the incident, the police will inform the DSL and CPO in school before the child or children arrive at school the following day. Once informed, the DSL/CPO, deputy or a trusted adult will provide silent support according to the child’s needs and update records about their circumstances.

For further support and advice please see the link here for a local and national directory of services.

For advice on separation and child contact arrangements please see this link.